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Thank you to our Banking Growth Forum 2019 attendees, speakers and sponsors. We are a strong community with similar goals and challenges but diverse experiences and hope everyone benefited from the presentations, conversations and connections. If you weren’t able to join us take a few minutes to listen to some of the main sessions below and be sure to subscribe for BGF2020 updates throughout the year.




Making it Real:
How to turn science into results

Frank Rohde, President and CEO, Nomis Solutions

Knowing how to think about the pricing problem is critical. Solving the math challenge of optimizing prices and offers is crucial. But the biggest challenge is how to operationalize the pricing process in your bank so that you can rely on precise analytics, reliable execution, and fair & consistent sales force behavior, every day and for every transaction. In this keynote session, we’ll explore how forward-thinking banks have incorporated best in class analytics into their processes and systems architecture to ensure ongoing value creation in a dynamic market. How do we push the analytic insights from back office to front office, enabling bankers to have more meaningful conversations with customers? How do we enable faster and more granular pricing and offers within the limitations of legacy bank systems? And how do we ensure rapid execution in a dynamic market?


Living for the Moment:
Achieving growth through customer insight and moment-centric offers

Bruce Holley, Senior Managing Director, Accenture

Sustained profitable growth in the digital economy requires a vision and strategy that places the customer at the center and pivots in real time with new customer insight. Strategic investments in both infrastructure and capabilities to gain customer insight and curate hyper-relevant in-the-moment offers are the seeds of a living business with the potential to thrive in an often hostile ecosystem. Understand which investments are the right ones to help your bank gain customer insight, revolutionize the omni-channel experience, and curate hyper-relevant moment-centric offers that maximize customer lifetime value.


Open Banking is Here, are you Ready?
How Open Banking is impacting the future of banking

Chris Smith, MD/Founder, Open Ventures

Open banking is set to disrupt and reshape financial services. Its broader implications will impact a multitude of industries, driving growth and innovation for both business and consumers. Come hear how it has already evolved in the UK and Europe and the impact it made on their banking model. Get a global POV on what is happening in the Open Banking space and hear how the Nordics’ experience laid the foundation for Open Data. During this session you will also gain an understanding of proactive strategies that will guide you into the 22nd century.


Fireside Chat with Frank

Frank Rohde, President and CEO, Nomis Solutions
John Pataky, EVP, Chief Consumer and Commercial Banking, TIAA Bank
Chris Smith, MD/Founder, Open Ventures
Hassan Pirnia, Head of Personal Lending and Home Financing, BMO Financial Group


Pricing using Machine Learning:
A learn-and-earn approach to on-line pricing

Bob Phillips, Founder, Nomis Solutions and Director of Pricing Research at Amazon

Over the past decade, machine learning has rapidly become an important tool to support financial decision making in many areas from underwriting to fraud detection to targeted marketing. In this talk we describe how on-line sellers can use reinforcement learning – a variety of machine learning – to support pricing decisions. 

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